Back in 2015, I competed in my first Fitness Competition, JOJO's Peanut Butter was born or should I say the experiments began.  Some of you may know as a competitor, you want to retain as much muscle mass as possible, while losing as much fat as you can.  To achieve this, you have to be extremely diligent on how you train and what you EAT!  A healthy body starts in the kitchen and is built in the gym.  While I coached myself through training and meal planning, I noticed I was getting hungry before my next meal and I was looking for a healthy 'sweet' snack to hold me over till it was time to eat again. And Peanut Butter was it! 

   Peanut Butter was a go-to snack for me when growing up, but many brands contained unhealthy ingredients, ie., refined sugars, palm oi, hydrogenated vegetable oil, rapeseed (canola oil), sugar, corn syrup and so on.  None of these are good for the human body. So the only answer was to create my own using the simplest, cleanest ingredients I could think of that would blend well together. Roasted Peanuts, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup and Raw Honey.  Each of these ingredients offer valuable nutrients that most bodies can easily process and absorb.